Win more work

3 steps to developing business and winning more work

We work with our clients on a three stage approach that will identify the right opportunities and increase work winning. Each programme is tailored for our clients’ specific needs so that it delivers the results your company needs.

The three stages are:

Every organisation has their own set of challenges and this is reflected in the approach the team use to help you win more work. For SMEs we work with CEOs, Managing Directors and Executive teams to identify, develop and deliver the work winning strategy. For major organisations and larger partnerships we work with Marketing Directors, Business Development Directors and Bid Directors and their teams to identify, develop and deliver improvements in the way they are supporting the overall work winning strategy.

Tailoring the programme

Depending on the challenges you are looking to resolve, we can tailor the programme to deliver the results you are looking for.

Marketing issues being faced:

  • Company’s brand is not making an impact with clients
  • Clients are not responding to messages
  • There is no consistent marketing messaging
  • Website is not attracting traffic
  • Campaigns are lacking impact 
  • Email campaigns are not generating the expected response


Our approach

We work with the team to identify strengths and opportunities to improve brand, market presence. channel utilisation, market projection, messaging and content.

Business development issues being faced:

  • Work winning efforts are not delivering results
  • New opportunities are not being effectively targeted
  • Clients are not repeat buying
  • Competitors are winning more work
  • There is no clear business development strategy
  • Account planning is not generating the expected opportunities


Our approach

We work with the team to strengths and opportunities to improve business development strategies, opportunity identification, targeting work, developing client relationships and winning more work.

Bids and proposals issues being faced:

  • The team are not wining bids
  • There is a low conversion rate on proposals
  • Bids are lacking clear differentiators or compelling value propositions
  • Bid team needs support
  • It is a ‘must-win’ bid
  • No central bid resource
  • Proposals and pitches need impact


Our approach

We work with the team to identify strengths and opportunities to improve current bid processes, bid submissions and bid team activities.  To include a review of three recent bid submissions and review of current bid resource library.